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Kuretake's ZIG Watercolor brush20

Manufactured by Kuretake, a manufacturer specializing in brush pens. Kuretake released it's first brush pen in 1973, continuing to expand the line so that each product has it's own unique features, and variety of uses. Brush pens are most commonly used for calligraphy, lettering, sketching, outlining, inking illustrations, and ink washing.

  • Developed in a convenient size and shape, Kuretake water brush pen is easy to hold, and allows you to easy control the flow of water by adjusting the pressure applied to the body. As water flows through the brush, it is self-cleaning and does not require the brush to be washed.
  • Is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. It is especially loved and professional sers and artists due to its durability and stability of the pen tip. Well received for its suitability in delicately painting narrow to wide ranges fluidly.
  • It can be used for various purposes, just as a real watercolor brush can be. Ideal for paintings, illustrations, fine art, coloring books, card making, and more.
  • Wonderful tool to use with water-soluble colored pencils, or water-based pen, to create unique watercolor paintings.
  • Easy to carry and ideal for outdoor sketching during travel or art classes. You can mix and create gradations of color anytime, anywhere. Once the brush dries, no water will leak.
  • Made in Japan


4 brush sizes : Detailer is best for fine details, and the Large and Broad sizes are ideal for coloring large areas.  Medium for normal area.


2 barrel length :   Long -9.1 inches,  Short- 7.91 inches


Enjoy the brush on coloring :




  • Kuretake水彩儲水畫筆具有不同的尺寸和筆頭形狀,易於握持,並且可以通過調節施加在筆桿上的壓力輕鬆控制水的流量。當水流過刷子時,它是自我清潔的,不需要清洗刷子。
  • 適合初學者和高級程度者。由於筆尖的耐用性和穩定性,它尤其受到專業人士和藝術家的喜愛。因其適用於精細地從窄到寬的範圍內流暢地繪畫而廣受好評。
  • 它可以用於各畫法,就像真正的水彩筆一樣。非常適合繪畫,插圖,美術,著色書,制卡等。
  • 與水溶性彩色鉛筆或水彩配合使用的奇妙工具,可以創建獨特的水彩畫。
  • 攜帶方便,非常適合在旅行或美術課上進行戶外素描。您可以隨時隨地混合併創建漸變色。一旦刷子變乾,就不會有水洩漏。
  • 日本製造

4種畫筆大小:Detailer最適合精細細節,而Large和Broad大小則是為大面積著色的理想選擇。Medium 是中等面積的。



ZIG Watercolour Brush2O 日本吳竹牌水彩儲水畫筆及套裝

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