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雖然沒有經過繪畫訓練,但這絲毫沒有阻礙她對藝術的熱愛和追求。在西班牙白色海岸她師從Marc Meyer研習繪畫。這是一位畢業於比利時皇家美術學院的著名畫家兼國際時裝及圖形設計師。 從此,藝術成為了她生活的重心。 地中海沿岸獨特的地理環境,深厚的歷史背景和多元文化的碰撞給予她無限的創作慾望和靈感。基於對解剖學的熟知和對人體美的追求,她的作品再現了西班牙舞蹈火一般的激情和白色海岸濃郁的風土人情。



Jing Xu

Art is now her focus and passion which, however, she developed only later in her extraordinary life. She was born just before the Cultural Revolution in South China, finished her high school and her medical education at an incredibly early age. Today she is a medical professional who concluded her career at the highest level with many outstanding achievements as a surgeon, educator, mentor, and researcher.

With no formal education in painting, Jing studied for several years under Mark Meyer, an accomplished Belgian painter, illustrator, international fashion designer and graphic artist and a graduate of the famous Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerpen.

Today Jing Xu lives and works at the Costa Blanca in Spain. The environment, the history and the culture here inspire her creative work which also includes photography.

Her intimate knowledge of anatomy and her fascination with the beauty of the human body is transparent in many pieces of her works. The intensity of the colours and the strong spirit of the Spanish culture are reflected in the brilliant tones and the dynamic in her paintings.

西班牙華人藝術家  徐靜女士

Jing Xu

(Costa Blanca, Spain)

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