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​拾絮, 拾趣- George Lo 個展

George Lo 熱愛畫畫, 喜愛從生活中細膩樂趣。修畢於香港視覺藝術中心「藝術專修課程- 繪畫」。George 從生活日常點滴中, 找到趣絮, 從這趣絮中體味人生的樂趣 !


他於2022年8月6-22日, 在Joy in Art Gallery 進行了他的首個個展, 在他的畫中感受生活中的那點趣 !

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George, he loves painting, and loves the delicate pleasures from his daily life. 
In 2018, he exhibited in the Fabriano Watercolor Festival in Italy.

He had his first solo exhibition in Joy In Art Gallery. Through this exhibition, he hopes to share his precious moment from his life with you.

You can experience his online exhitition here !


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