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自小喜愛繪畫,修畢藝術課程後,曾多次參與香港及東南亞等地區的展覽, 更於法國的水彩畫比賽中獲獎。





這個系列一共有十張油畫, 這十張油畫描述了一只海鷗的心路歷程, 如何在面對驚濤駭浪時感到茫然無助, 幾經爭紮後下定決心, 面對挑戰, 勇往直前, 衝出絕境, 找到彼岸. 


希望透過這系列, 能為你帶來鼓勵, 在逆境中找到方向.

He loves painting since he was a child. After completing art courses, he has participated exhibitions in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia countries many times and won award in watercolour painting competitions in France.

He spent great effort in cultivating Art in Hong Kong. For more than ten years, he has served as a tutor of visual arts in primary and secondary schools and is currently a supporting tutor of the art course of visual arts in secondary schools. He founded Artist's Cradle Studio Ministry in 2008 and is now a very devoted Artist.

We have the honour to invite Mr. Frank Guo to exhibit one of his series of paintings on our website---Anger Sea and Seagulls

There are ten oil paintings in this series. With the reflection of Frank’s Life, these ten oil paintings illustrated the spiritual journey of a seagull, how he felt helpless facing the stormy sea. After several struggles, determined to stand up against the challenge and go forward courageously, away from desperation, and find the way towards glorious and joy.

We hope this series can bring you encouragement and find your way in adversity.

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Frank Kwok

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