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Paul Wang


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PAUL is a passionate art and design educator from Singapore. Inspired by his interior architecture and stage design training, his sketches are always bursting with dramatic colours. His strokes and splashes may look spontaneous but are highly choreographed. Paul’s distinctive use of vivid colours and convoluted lines seeks to encapsulate the ever-changing world. Look closely and discover the story behind each sketch.


Besides architecture and stage design, art education is his other passion andteaching fuels his creativity. He was a long-time adjunct lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic’s school of design (Singapore) as well as a visual art teacher at Singapore International School in Hong Kong. He also conducts professional drawing and painting workshops for art educators at the Singapore Teachers' Academy for the aRts (STAR).


He is currently a correspondent and active advisory board-member for the Urban Sketchers organisation.


‘Don’t forget to artfully Wonder & Wander!’ – Paul Wang

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