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Video Recap

Artist : Ben Luk/ Watercolor Artist

Daniel Smith Zoom Demonstration on 6 Aug 2022

Titled " Making Waves - Painting water in our Urban Enviroment"

Ben Luk is an urban sketcher in Hong Kong. He is an engineer by profession and a freelance artist. His artwork draws inspiration from the urban environment, including architecture, streetscape, people and their everyday lives. From the banal to the extraordinary, he sees and records the world with his on-location sketches.


Ben is a co-founder of Urban Sketchers Hong Kong (USkHK). His work has been published in the Urban Sketching Handbook Series, including 101 Sketching Tips (2019), Spotlight on Nature (2022) and The World of Urban Sketching (2022).

Ben Luk contact information :

Instagram: sketcher_ben            Facebook: Sketcher Ben

Ben Luk Palette: 

Daniel Smith: Lemon Yellow, Lavender, Cerulean Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Transparent Brown Oxide, Undersea Green 

demo original.jpg

Artist : Lisa Huang // Watercolor Artist

Daniel Smith Zoom Demonstration on 2 Jul 2022

Titled " Merge Ink and Wash"

Born in Singapore with a professional background in interior architecture design, Lisa is a self-taught artist in oil, watercolor painting and print-making.

An unorthodox initiator in watercolor, Lisa paints En plein air, embodying her work with a field of energy, movement and life drawn from observing in situ. She composes her streetscapes with darting black ink outlines, mark-making and dirtying the paper as a start, washing and layering the pigments subsequently to merge with the ink as one entity rather than being detached as 2 mediums.

Lisa Huang contact information :

Instagram: lisahuanglishan             Facebook: lisa.schizzo


Lisa Palette: 

Daniel Smith: Perylene Green, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine, Luna Black, Cabazole Violet, Indigo, Yellow Ochre.

Horbein: Cadmium Red, Lavender, Cadmium Yellow Light, Turquiose, Brilliant Orange

Van Gogh : Napolean Yellow

25 Jun demo photos with DS.jpeg

Artist : Ze Ze Lai // Watercolor Artist ( Daniel Smith HK Brand Ambassador)

Daniel Smith Zoom Demonstration on 25 Jun 2022

Titled " Chat with HK Artist Ze Ze Lai"

Ze Ze Lai - A watercolor artist, her expertise is in painting animals, with birds in particular. Through her distinctive manipulation of brushwork and water technique, she creates dream-like and mystical scenes, capable of bringing her viewers on a journey and voyage through their imagination. 
In the Zoom, Ze Ze told us her favourite color from Daniel Smith and share with us her painting techniques. 

Ze Ze Lai contact information :

Instagram: zeze_lai             Facebook: Ze Ze

You can review this Zoom from below link

Daniel Smith Poster -18Jun Event-20220609.jpg

Daniel Smith CEO Zoom Chat Demonstration on 18 Jun 2022

Titled " Chat with John Cogley in HK Time"

John introduced us characteristic of Daniel Smith colors, quality and different series natures.

You can review this Zoom from below link


Artist : Choy Yat Chun Anthony // Watercolor Artist

Painting Title : <Secret Garden>

I loved to share what I used for paintings with my students and any art lovers, Daniel Smith is my favorite color because of its vibrant color tone which make my paintings alive. I always use the above color to draw my artwork and show to all very detail which color I used.

<Secret Garden> is one of my signature artwork, Below listed colors are what I used for this painting"

Background Flowers: Similar to Purple Hydrangea

Purple Hydrangea:

-Hansa Yellow Light

-Opera Pink

-Quinacridone Rose

-French Ultramarine

-Cobalt blue

-Burnt Sienna



Leaf and Stem:
-Burnt Sienna

-Permanent Green Light

-Cobalt Green

-Yellow Ochre



-Burnt Amber

-Sap Green

-Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

-Cobalt Yelow

-Permanent Yellow Deep

-Permanent Green Light 

-Cobalt Turquoise


Yat Chun contact information :

Instagram: yatchun_studio             Facebook: choyyatchun

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