Hong Kong’s Treasure--魅力之都

Hong Kong is a city with her own charm and personality.  From high-rises to local stalls inherited from Eastern and Western historical treasures, you can taste her uniqueness and ample enchantment. Let’s travel around this fascinated city through the urban sketches of our HK artist, Eva Sze. 


香港是一座極具魅力的城市。從高樓大廈到傳承東西方歷史瑰寶的地道小店,都能感受到她獨有的個性。讓我們的香港畫家 Eva Sze 透過城市速寫,帶您遊覽這個迷人的地方。

Eva Sze - Hong Kong Artist / Urban Sketcher

Eva was born and raised in Hong Kong. She likes urban sketching as well as studio painting. 

She first came across urban sketching in 2016. Since then, she has been doing it as a way to document the places and things around her. She especially likes sketching street views, heritage buildings, shop front, historical and specially designed architecture. Not only does urban sketching allow her to appreciate the beauty of different places in greater depth, but also leads her to know more about the history and story behind. This strengthens her ties with the community and people around.  Her artworks have been exhibited in a number of art exhibitions in the local community.

In this online exhibition, Eva has chosen some of her urban sketches done in Hong Kong for sharing the charm and personality of this city.



Eva Sze - 香港​​畫家 / 城市速寫人


Eva 是香港土生土長的畫家。她喜歡城市速寫,也喜歡在畫室用不同媒體作畫。



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