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Inking HK--彩墨香港

Finding new ways to narrate Hong Kong, Richie cannot avoid noticing the vibrant colours of the cityscape, and at the same time , felt the increasing uncertainty in aspects that he cannot go unnoticed. 

Wander through the city and we could find places that may not be noticeable but that can transpire the very beauty of Hong Kong.  In this series, Richie uses peach branch instead of normal brush, letting the ink paint to draw Hong Kong in a natural way.


Richie, 不斷從不同的角度和表達手法來描畫香港, 他不斷的發掘, 不斷地發現香港亦跟著變化, 在尋覓中他發現滲透在香港各大街小巷的繽紛色彩。當你在這個去城市裡漫遊, 不難找到她散發出來的那份艷麗。

在這個系列中, Richie用自己製的桃枝代替傳統的畫筆, 讓顏色墨自己融合, 以配合標題.

Richie Cheung - Hong Kong Artist / Urban Sketcher

Richie Cheung is passionate with Art form of many kinds. He obtained a Professional Diploma in Graphic Design and Advanced Diploma in Fine Arts in CUSCS. He held solo exhibitions and participated in various joined exhibitions, conducting Art Workshops and team building sessions for Universities and various organisations.


Richie is proficient in various kinds of art media and is skillful especially in portrait drawing and urban sketching. He found passions in teaching Art, believing it could help people to appreciate beauty and the magical transformation of ordinary materials into extraordinary pieces of Artworks. He enjoys the pleasure and the inspirations in the art creation process and also the community concerns involved in the urban sketching activities.


He is teaching in Art studios and Education Centres. He was also commissioned in mural wall paintings, urban sketching tours and portrait painting works.

張學敏 - 香港​​畫家 / 城市速寫人


張學敏對藝術充滿熱情。 他獲取平面設計專業文憑和美術高級文憑。 曾舉辦個人藝術展覧及參加聯合展覽,為大學和各種組織舉辦藝術工作坊和團隊建設工作坊。


張學敏精通各種藝術媒體,尤其擅長肖像畫和城市素描。 他對藝術教學充滿熱情,認為它可以幫助人們欣賞美以及將普通材料神奇地轉變為非凡的藝術品。 他喜歡藝術創作過程中的樂趣和靈感,也喜歡參與城市素描活動的社區關注。


他現在藝術工作室和教育中心任教。 他也受委託從事壁畫, 社區繪畫課程和肖像畫作品的創作。

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