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Kim Hyun Sook, Jeju Island, Korea

Ms. Kim is a versatile artist, presents her paintings through different materials. One of them is Korean’s very traditional unique paper, “Hanji” and mineral color powder as media to presents the beauty of nature. Her paintings bring you to peaceful nature with color in harmony. She also paints on Newspaper to implant contemporary sense to her paintings.


Preparation of Hanji for Ms Kim’s Painting:

Hanji is made with the bark from a paper mulberry tree.  During the preparation of Hanji, firstly is to apply glue, alum in hot water (about 80 Celsius) on the Hanji for several times to prevent painting material permeated the Hanji. Secondly is to whiten the paper by applying a shell powder several times on the Hanji for the base colour.  Sometimes she will dye a paper (Hanji) with soil or mud for natural base colour.  This is the very important method during the drawing: brushing many times with the base colours on to the drawing to enable the painting last for centuries without discoloured. That is different from the western watercolour painting or Oriental painting with Korean colour painting as well. Finally, she can draw the details and colouring according to the subject.


Achievement of Ms Kim Hyun Sook

  • Master of Oriental Painting of Graduate School Of Fine Art of Hongik University

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fine Art Department of Hongik University

  • Member of Korean Fine Arts Association

  • Member of Korea Professional Artists Association

  • Member of Neo Group


International Art Fair invitation including :

  • Seoul Open Art Fair(SOFA KOEX), 2015

  • Seoul Art Show(KOEX), 2016

  • Hello! Island ROTA, 2018

  • Tokyo International Art Fair(TIAF), 2019

  • Asia Contemporary Art Show-HONG KONG, 2109, and

  • 10 times Solo Exhibition incl. at THE GALLERY HYUN, 2018

  • over 100 times Group Exhibition with NEO GROUP, YEDAM GROUP, an Alumni Association of Hongik University

On Hanji

On Newspaper