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ZIG Kurecolor TWIN WS

Are quick-drying alcohol markers, which include a wide variety of grays for detailed shading. You can use a variety of techniques:

  • MIXTURE: KURECOLOR can be mixed by overwriting to make an intermediate or deep color tone.
  • GRADATION: Gradation can be made with the Blender from dark to light shade.
  • HIGHLIGHTING: Apply the BLENDER in to a cotton stick or marker and fade the color worth it.
  • For Photo-copy: KURECOLOR can be used on photo-copy paper without blurring.
  • 135 Colors+Blender: Healthy mix of 135 colors plus a blender


Tips Features :

  • Kurecolor Twin WS: Refillable ink and spare tips are available.
  • Professional quality graphic marker with twin tips. Easy to make graduation with Blender.
  • Alcohol-based dye ink markers are ideal for illustrations, best for use on thicker paper as alcohol can bleed through most standard printer paper.
  • Xylene-free, conforms to ASTM D 4236, ACMI-certified for safety, registered AP mark.
  • Broad Tip:  6.5mm oblique tip, with available tip replacements in 4 types of tips, Broad, Soft Broad, Calligraphy 6mm and Brush nib.
  • Fine Tip: Hard 1mm fine tip for drawing consistent lines or fine, detailed coloring in smaller spaces.
  • Available with refill link.
  • Made in Japan


Introduction of Kurecolor Twins WS Gradation technique and how to refill ink and replace tips:


Color Sets:

12 colors set with 10 options ( Please see the color chart )

Basic Colors set,      Brilliant Colors set,     Natrual Colors set,       Dull Colors set,   

Pale Colors set,        Deep Colors set,           Gray Colors set,           Cool Gray Colors set   

Warm Gray Colors set,       Neutral & Natural Colors set 


36 colors set

72 colors set

135 colors set + 1 extra black color and 2 blenders


ZIGA Kurecolor TWIN WS


  • 混合色:可以通過覆蓋混合KURECOLOR以形成中間或深色調。
  • 漸變:可以使用混色筆從深色到淺色形成漸變。
  • 突出顯示:將BLENDER塗在棉棒或記號筆上,使值得的顏色褪色。
  • 可用於影印:KURECOLOR可以在影印紙上使用而不會模糊。


  • 寬頭筆尖可替換, 並有不同形狀選擇。
  • 具有雙尖頭的專業品質。可以使用混色筆進行漸變色。
  • 油性染料墨水是插圖的理想選擇,最適合在較厚的紙張上使用,因為酒精會滲出大多數打印機紙張。
  • 不含二甲苯,符合ASTM D 4236,通過ACMI安全認證,註冊有AP標記。
  • 寬筆尖:6.5mm傾斜筆尖,可用筆尖替換為4種類型的筆尖,寬筆尖,軟筆尖,書法6mm和毛筆型筆尖。
  • 細尖:硬1mm細尖,用於在較小的空間中繪製一致的線條或精細,細緻的著色。
  • 日本製造

介紹Kurecolor Twins WS漸變技術以及如何填充墨水和更換筆尖:










135種顏色+ 1種黑色和2種攪拌器

ZIG KURECOLOR TWIN WS 日本吳竹牌 雙頭多功能繪畫筆套裝

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