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Kuretake brand,  A mini palette of solid watercolor pigment paints. Plastic case measures 3 3/4" square.

  • Portable Watercolor system for those who wish to paint anywhere, at anytime
  • The lightweight design permits portability for travelingIdeal for sketching, cartooning, illustration, card-making, and more!
  • The lid is perfect to be used as a mixing palette
  • Water-based Pigment and Acid Free
  • These shimmering metallic colors show up well even on darker papers!
  • Imported from Japan


Features the following 12 beautiful pearlescent colors:

Gold, Copper, Pearl, Black Pearl, Emerald, Turquoise, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Pink Diamond, Coral, and Ruby.



有12種珍珠寶石色, 為你的畫作增添光彩及貴氣 ! 更為漫畫增添層次.


ZIG 12 Pearlescent Watercolor Jewel Box 珍珠寶石箱水彩

SKU: C2006-WSKG2045
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