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用於精確擦除的高精度橡皮擦。 「MONO Zero」是一款用於精確擦除的高精度橡皮擦。獨特而精準的設計結合了MONO橡皮擦的高性能和美觀的表面效果,改變了細緻擦除的概念。


  • 方形(2.5×5mm)極細擦膠頭
  • 圓形 (直徑 2.3mm) 極細擦膠頭
  • 高性能擦膠,只需輕力也能擦走鉛筆,不會傷紙
  • 短間距定位構造,每次推出量0.7mm,是針對細微部份修正的最佳長度
  • 金屬製導管,使用時不會阻擋視野,同時保護擦膠芯,不易斷裂
  • 可更換替芯,在保持按壓的狀態下,於筆頭位置插入替芯即可
  • 細長筆型設計,方便攜帶


A high-precision eraser for pinpoint erasing.


"MONO zero" is a high-precision eraser for pinpoint erasing. The unique and precise design combining the MONO eraser's high-performance and beautiful finish, to change the concept of detailed erasing.


- Square (2.5×5mm) ultra-fine eraser tip
- Round (2.3mm diameter) ultra-fine eraser tip
- High-performance eraser that can easily erase pencil marks with light pressure without damaging the paper
- Short stroke positioning structure with a dispensing length of 0.7mm, ideal for precise corrections
- Metal guide tube that does not obstruct the view during use and protects the eraser core from breakage
- Replaceable refill: while maintaining the pressed state, insert a refill at the tip position
- Slim and elongated pen design for easy portability.

Tombow Mono Zero Eraser 蜻蜓牌擦膠筆

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