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Mechanical pencils are particularly suitable for drawing, sketching and writing. Their major advantage is that you don’t need to sharpen them (with the exception of the 2-mm leads for leadholders). This means that they don’t get shorter and shorter over time like conventional pencils; instead they can be refilled with lead and you can continue using your pencil. Find the right mechanical pencil to suit your needs that offers you optimum handling.


High-quality STAEDTLER leadholders for detailed drawing

Leadholders are suitable for drawing, sketching and writing. They have a 2-mm lead. By pressing the push button, which opens the drop clutch mechanism, the user can advance the lead to the desired length. Products from our



  • Refill leads for all common lead holders 2 mm, e.g. Mars 780 C
  • For use on paper and drawing card
  • Available in 7 hardness degrees
  • Length 130 mm
  • 12 leads per tube


How do you refill leadholders? Refill leadholders easily with the right accessories

In contrast to mechanical pencils, leadholders are refilled by pressing the push-button to open the drop clutch mechanism and inserting the 2-mm lead (Mars carbon 200) into the leadholder via the tip.


Product demonstration:


自動鉛筆特別適合繪畫、素描和書寫。 它們的主要優點是您不需要磨尖它們。 這意味著它們不會像傳統鉛筆那樣隨著時間的推移越來越短。 相反,它們可以重新填充鉛,您可以繼續使用鉛筆。 找到合適的自動鉛筆以滿足您的需求,為您提供最佳處理。



  • 為所有常見的 2 毫米引線支架重新填充引線,配合筆型號:  780 C
  • 用於紙和繪圖卡
  • 提供 7 種硬度等級
  • 長度 130 毫米
  • 每管 12 根引線
  • 德國製造


如何更換筆芯? 通過按下按鈕打開落下離合器機構並通過筆尖將 2 毫米鉛(Mars carbon 200)插入鉛座來重新填充鉛座。

Staedtler Mars® technico 780 Pencil Lead 施德樓高級工程繪圖鉛芯 2.0mm

SKU: 200
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