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Staedtler karat® aquarell Color Pencils Set  

  • High-quality coloured pencil in classic hexagonal shape with watercolour lead
  • Soft lead for amazing bright effects on watercolour paper with water and paintbrush
  • Also for dry techniques in bright colours
  • Wood from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests
  • boxed in Tin box for easy storage and carry around
  • Made in Germany


Learn more about:

  • Hatching
  • Colour Gradients
  • Interesting Colour Combinations
  • Monochrome or Brightly Coloured?
  • What is the best pencil for colouring in?

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  • 經典六角形高品質彩色鉛筆,帶水彩筆
  • 用水和畫筆在水彩紙上產生驚人的明亮效果的軟鉛
  • 也適用於鮮豔色彩的乾筆彩鉛技術
  •  FSC 認證的可持續管理森林的木材製造
  • 裝在錫盒中,便於存放和隨身攜帶
  • 德國製造

想知如何運用施德樓專業水彩木顏色畫出以下技巧 ?

  • 線條
  • 顏色漸變
  • 有趣的顏色組合
  • 單色還是鮮豔的色彩?
  • 什麼鉛筆最適合上色?


Staedtler karat® aquarell Color Pencils Set 施德樓專業水彩木顏色套裝

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