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FIMO® soft 8023 Set, made in Germany

Oven-hardening (110C ,  30mins)  modelling clay

Basic Set in clamshell blister with 9 half blocks 25 g (assorted colours), 1 bottle of gloss varnish, 1 modelling stick, 1 work sheet,  product instruction

Product information

  • Especially for beginners and hobby artists
  • Soft and smooth clay
  • Different sets and colour packs
  • Vibrant FIMO soft colours
  • Infinitely versatile: For jewellery, accessories and home deco items



The right temperature can be precisely monitored using a FIMO oven thermometer. Please make sure that the maximum temperature of 130 degrees is not exceeded.



FIMO是目前被廣泛使用的軟陶材料,最早是由德國人Käthe Kruse在1939年製成的,其女兒Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse在遊戲時使用這種材料,捏造成了各種小玩意,這項無意間的發現,促使軟陶的生產與銷售,品牌名稱依據Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse的小名Fifi和Modelling clay結合取名為FIMO,時至今日,FIMO依舊是一個著名的軟陶品牌.

  • 套裝包含 : 9 隻25g 的不同顏色輕鬆實現不同比例混色, 1支光油, 1  支造型棒, 指引.
  • 可以造飾物, 可以造擺設, 想要什麼, 都可以造出來.
  • 表面光滑柔軟, 易於搓揉. 放入焗爐110C焗30分鐘便可變硬, 視乎大小可加減. 提議以溫度計以控制溫度不要超過130C 20分鐘
  • 不建議用微波爐, 或天然風乾.
  • 硬化後不會變形


Staedtler Fimo Soft Modelling Clay Basic Set 顏色低溫軟泥套裝

SKU: 8023-10
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