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誠品書店 Eslite Bookstore x Joy in Art


藝術月 Art Events Month


我們Joy in Art 很高興受到誠品的邀請,配合誠品書店對藝術文化的推廣,在誠品書店各分店舉辦一系列多元化的藝術課程,Joy in Art 作為一家藝術用品專門店,不僅提供優質的藝術用品,更積極舉辦多樣化的藝術活動和展覽,讓大家有更多機會接觸和欣賞香港的藝術創作。


Eslite Bookstore has always been guided by the core values of "humanities, art, creativity, and lifestyle," with a focus on promoting reading. March, in particular, is a month filled with art.

Joy in Art is delighted to be invited by Eslite to collaborate in promoting art and culture. We will be organizing a series of diverse art courses at various Eslite Bookstore branches. As an art supplies specialty store, Joy in Art not only provides high-quality art materials but also actively hosts a variety of art activities and exhibitions, offering more opportunities for people to engage with and appreciate Hong Kong's artistic creations.

This will be a unique opportunity for everyone to personally experience the charm of various art forms, cultivate and discover their creative potential, and integrate art into their daily lives, adding more excitement and flavor to life.

​​3至4月藝術活動Art Events


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誠品書店 Eslite Bookstore 地址 How to go:

誠品銅鑼灣店9F FORUM (活動地點):


誠品生活尖沙咀店3F MINI FORUM(活動地點):

香港尖沙咀梳士巴利道3號星光行3/F (地圖)

誠品生活太古店1F 兒童館(活動地點):

香港太古城道18號太古城中心1/F 144鋪(地圖)

誠品書店奧運店 閱讀區(活動地點):

香港九龍大角咀海泓道1號奧海城三期地下高層UG55-58, 80-88號舖(地圖)

關於Joy in Art About Us:


 "Joy"是歡欣, 是快樂, 是恩典 ! 

 讓藝術作為橋樑, 將歡欣; 快樂; 恩典與世界分享 !

 Joy in Art 不僅僅是您的美術;工藝材料店,更重要的是增添您“喜樂”。 我們承諾是您的

• 專業美術材料供應商,水彩畫材料的總匯, 不斷為您找到優質的美藝材料品牌供應

• 畫的數位印製商

• 多元化的美術課程平台

• 美術發展平台。



• 與香港和世界藝術團體保持聯繫;

• 得到市場上的藝術活動信息


 讓我們為您帶來驚喜,讓您的所想能儘情透過藝術表達出來, 為您的生活增添光彩。

Joy in Art is not just your choice of colour and craft materials, what is more, your "Joy".  We promise to be your

  • Professional Art Material supplier, Watercolor material supplier, 

  • Archive Printing supplier

  • Art related courses; and

  • continue to grow with you. 

Our online shop and physical shop provide you a channel to

  • be in touch with HK and the world's Art groups;

  • get Art event information; and

  • we keep bringing you good quality Art Material brands.  


You can count on us for the unexpected and add sparkles to your life by expressing in your Art.

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