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FIMO® professional 8004, made in Germany

Oven-hardening ( 110C, 30mins)  modelling clay

Ideal for delicate crafting at the highest level, thanks to its premium quality. The modelling clay is specially designed to meet the needs of professionals who want to experiment, and have an exact idea of what they want to create. Unlike FIMO soft and other sorts of FIMO, FIMO professional has a firmer consistency.

  • Especially for professionals, artists and advanced users
  • Optimized colours with pure pigments, the brilliant colours can be mixed exactly.
  • Firm consistency for particularly filigree items
  • Excellent dimensional stability, making it exceptionally well-suited to highly detailed artwork.
  • Consistent high level of quality for meeting the highest of demands
  • Practical division into 8 portions for easy blending
  • Compatible with FIMO® soft, FIMO® effect and FIMO® professional doll art
  • 24 brilliant colours, incl. 5 True Colour colours
  • Standard block, 85 g (2 oz)
  • Easy to open
  • Infinitely versatile: For jewellery, accessoires and home deko items



The right temperature can be precisely monitored using a FIMO oven thermometer. Please make sure that the maximum temperature of 130 degrees is not exceeded.


FIMO® Professional

  • 1塊85克產地德國商
  • 適合較專業藝術家或手工藝者使用, 適合製作精緻飾物,首飾及公仔等
  • 搓塑後的穩定性極佳,特別適合用來製作精細、袖珍的作品 擁有非常高的可塑性及穏定性,烘焗後亦不會出現任何變形
  • 即使長時間搓揉也不會變得黏黏的,非常容易使用, 方便量度、裁切及混色
  • 可以兼容其他FIMO系列,如FIMO® soft, FIMO® effect and FIMO® professional doll art
  • 有24色, 其中5隻是原色, 任你選擇
  • 110 度於焗爐烘烤 20 - 30分鐘,視乎大小可加減時間性質軟, 提議以溫度計以控制溫度不要超過130C 20分鐘
  • 不建議用微波爐, 或天然風乾.


Staedtler Fimo Professional Clay (Coloured) 專業顏色低溫泥-軟

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