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Daler-Rowney this brushes are made with golden Taklon, a synthetic material formulated to exhibit the qualities of the finest hair brushes. 

This set covers a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different techniques of painting for acrylic, also suitable for oil and watercolor, gouache and ink.

  • Synthetic hair. The synthetic blends are great for acrylic.
  • Recommended for beginners and hobbyists, value for money.


- Designed for working with acrylic colours
- Can also be used with



Daler-Rowney 這款刷子由金色 Taklon 製成,這是一種合成材料,旨在展現最好的毛刷的品質。該套裝涵蓋各種形狀和尺寸,以適應不同的丙烯酸繪畫技術,也適用於油畫和水彩畫。

  • 5種頭型是塑膠彩的理想之選,也適用於油畫和水彩畫。
  • 推薦給初學者和愛好者。
  • 物超所值.

Simply Gold Taklon Synthetic 5 Brush Set 多用途畫筆5支套裝

SKU: C2061-SP216920502
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