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Founded in the basement of Dee Silver’s home 1990, Silver Brush Limited has grown from humble beginnings to a global brand focused on one mission – providing artists with the perfect tool to express their vision.


3000S Black Velvet®

Round Tip:  Multi-use for details, lifts color gently​

Watercolor, Inks, Dyes & Gouache | Short Handle​
Quality   ​​♦​♦​♦​​♦​♦
Stiffness   ​​♦​♢♢♢♢

Tip size : 0-20 ( 11 types of tips), see photo

These distinctive black lacquer handled brushes with a signature silver band are a water-based artist’s dream!

  • The Black Velvet® series is made with a blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetics that allow the brush to hold a huge amount of color and release it with perfect control for watercolors, gouache, fluid acrylics, inks and dyes.
  • The bristles are simultaneously soft enough to allow multiple-layer glazing without disturbing previous colors, yet firm enough to lift color with a gentle scrub.
  • •  3008S series features a specially engineered black acrylic handle with a beveled edge for scraping and separating paper from watercolor blocks or crafted lines on watercolor painting.


Check out each series usage from below link with demonstration video:


Silver Brush Limited 成立於 1990 在Dee Silver 家的地下室,從一個不起眼的起點發展成為一個專注於一個使命的全球品牌——為藝術家提供完美的工具來表達他們的畫志。


3000S Black Velvet®

  • 短柄,  圓形筆頭 - 多用途, 能表達細節,輕柔, 吸水能力強. 
  • 適用於水彩、墨水、染料和水粉

質量 ♦
剛度 ♦ ♢♢♢♢



  • 帶有標誌性銀帶的獨特黑漆筆杆是它的標誌!
  • Black Velvet® 系列由天然松鼠毛和黑色合成材料混合而成,使刷子能夠保持大量顏色並能完美控制, 慢慢讓顏色釋放出來。
  • 刷毛同時足夠柔軟,可以在不影響先前顏色的情況下進行多層上光,不易脫毛,可以通過溫和的磨砂來提升顏色。
  • 3008S 系列採用特殊設計的黑色亞克力手柄,帶有斜邊,可用作開紙刀, 或用以在水彩畫畫出坑線。


Silver Brush-3000S Black Velvet-Round tip 圓形筆頭

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