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In 1975, we developed and introduced watercolor paints for professional artists. Since then, we have continued to explore, research, and use innovative thinking when harmonizing new technologies with traditions. We achieve superb colors for artists by boldly applying science-based breakthroughs in securing light resistance that preserves works for many years. ShinHan Art watercolor paint brands include the very best in extra fine, professional and student grade products. Therefore, according to level of experience and expertise, you can always choose the best watercolors among our paints.


Professional Water Color series-48 colors boasting perfect color balance

You won’t need to worry about having watercolors that you don’t ever use with ShinHan Professional Watercolor. We do not develop colors simply for convenience or publicity. Instead, we ensure an optimal array by conducting scrupulous multi-faceted analyses when developing and adding new colors while considering the Munsell color system - which is the international standard. You can rest assured that you will be able to achieve a perfect balance with the 48 colors in this product line.


ShinHan Professional Water Color Set

- 48 Bright and lively colors

- Premium quality pigment and gum arabic

- High degree of lightfastness

- High adhesiveness


Carefully selected pigments and clear transparent colors

ShinHan Professional Watercolor is produced via technologies of reprocessing carefully selected pigments of the high premium qualities and blending them with a refined medium according to optimal mixing ratios. This results in more clear, transparent and vivid colors than any other product of the same grade. Its formulation is based on the technical data of PWC, our top-of-the-line, professional grade watercolor paint brand. Perfect your work with ShinHan Professional Watercolor.



Sustainable viscosity

ShinHan Professional Watercolor is produced using data-based scientific manufacturing technology. In order to maintain the same level of viscosity over a long period of time, the processes of mixing the pigment and refined medium is controlled at a micro level using high-precision measuring and analytical equipment. We produce paints that maintain their properties (especially viscosity) without hardening easily with years of accumulated data and exact mixing ratios.


Rich colors achieved with optimized pigment density

Each pigment of the ShinHan Professional Watercolor brand has an exceptional density. Due to the application of pigment atomization technology, every color contains more pigment. A uniform and balanced distribution of pigment is necessary during watercolor painting to obtain desired results. We have optimized pigment densities for even application on paper.


7.5ml set includes:

- 13 colors set

- 18 colors set

- 24 colors set

- 30 colors set

- 48 colors set


12ml set includes:

- 12 colors set

- 18 colors set

- 20 colors set


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ShinHan Professional Water Color Set 專業水彩顏料套裝

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