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PRIMO, in 1933, the grandfather Camillo created the brand CMP (Camillo Moro Padova) and started the production of those blackboard chalks which are part of PRIMO collective memory and have been used by many children in Italian schools. 

PRIMO cares about Children, Environment and made in Italy.


  • This Acrylic is water-based acrylic paint with high amount of pigments and resin, in bottle with a flow-control cap.
  • It can be easily applied with a brush and once dry colours remain vivid and bright.
  • It adheres to any type of surfaces; stencils, spatulas and sponges are ideal tools to valorize the creative potential of this paint.
  • By mixing the colours together new tones can be obtained.
  • When it perfectly dries, it does not scratch even if applied in multiple layers and it is permanent. While using it, clothes and work surfaces should be covered. Stains should be removed immediately following the instructions provided.
  •  Remove safety under cap before use.


The 300ml range offers  22 colours choices.

The 1000ml range offers 12 colours choices.



1933 年由祖父 Camillo 創建了品牌 CMP(Camillo Moro Padova)並開始生產黑板粉筆,這些黑板粉筆是 PRIMO 榮顯記憶的一部分,它被意大利學校的許多孩子使用。

PRIMO 一直是 關心兒童、環境的品牌. 意大利製造。


PRIMO 塑膠彩, 是水性塑膠彩塗料,含有拉`豐盈的顏料和樹脂,樽蓋帶有流量控制的設計, 它可以很容易地用筆掃上色,顏色乾後就會保持鮮豔明亮。


300 毫升系列提供 22 種顏色選擇。

1000 毫升系列提供 12 種顏色選擇。


1. 優質Acryic 塑膠彩( 丙烯酸塗料)

2. 它可用在任何類型的表面上;亦可用模板、畫刀和海綿作上色工具以發揮這種塗料的創造潛力。當它完全乾燥時,即使塗抹多層也不會刮傷,並且是永久性的。使用時,應遮蓋衣服和工作檯面。應立即按照提供的說明去除污漬。使用前取下蓋子下的安全裝置。

3. 乾燥後色彩仍保持鮮豔明亮,

4. 顏色鮮艷, 可通過混色而調配出不同的新色調。

5. 環保物料,  適用學校使用.

PRIMO Acrylic Paint 塑膠彩


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