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Pouring acrylic Medium to mix with acrylic paints for pouring technique. It optimizes colour spread and creates even layering.

  • Pouring acrylic Medium to be mixed with acrylic paints for pouring technique.
  • It optimizes colour spread, creates even layering and releases the air contained.
  • Mix it slowly with acrylic paints and wait a few minutes before proceeding to allow the air contained from mixing to come out. 
  • For each part of acrylic paint add about three parts of medium, depending on the result you want to obtain.
  • It is possible to add a bit of water in order to make the paint more fluid.
  • Once it dries, colours become extremely smooth and shiny and excellent long lasting results are guaranteed. 
  • Remove safety under cap before use.
  • Made in Italy


Primo流體畫流動劑- 它優化了色彩擴散並創造了均勻的層次感。

  • 塑膠顏料 與流體畫流動劑混合用是於澆注技術的介質。
  • 它提高色彩擴散,創造了均勻的層次感並釋放了所含的空氣。
  • 將其與塑膠顏料緩慢混合併等待幾分鐘,然後再繼續讓混合中的空氣排出。
  • 提議為每份塑膠顏料添加大約三份介質, 你亦可根據您想要獲得的結果混合。
  • 可以添加一點水以使混合的顏料更流動。
  • 一旦乾燥,顏色就會變得非常光滑和有光澤,並保證出色的持久效果。
  • 使用前取下蓋子下的安全裝置。
  • 意大利製造

Primo Acrylic Medium for Pouring 500ml 流體畫流動劑

SKU: 4001PG500M
HK$160.00 Regular Price
HK$128.00Sale Price

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