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Mitsubishi Uni POSCA

For the last 30 years, the POSCA marker has accompanied creativity in all its forms throughout the world.

  • Launched in the early 80s, the POSCA paint marker was an immediate success among the artistic communities arising from urban cultures, and especially the Graffiti community.
  • From Street Art to Fine Art via Illustration, Graffiti, Portraits and all forms of Customisation, POSCA now drives artistic momentum among all creators in all media.
  • Most POSCA tips are washable and replaceable (PC-1MC, PC-3M, PC-5m, PC-7M, PC-8K and PC-17K). Some are also reversible (PC-3M and PC-5M). If a tip ever dries out over time (for example if the cap was not put back on properly), you can soak it in a glass of water to be able to use it again.
  • The tip can be taken off and washed under the tap (unlike a fine-point felt-tip pen).
    POSCA paint is “water-soluble”: it can be diluted to produce a gradient effect.
    The operation takes place before drying: use a brush that has been soaked in water beforehand and work the paint directly on the material to get the effect you want.
    As long as the paint is wet, colours can be mixed on the work surface by blurring with the tip or a brush to create infinite gradations of colour. If the tip is stained, just clean it and re-prime the marker to restore the initial colour.
    Dense and opaque, POSCA paint is ideal for layering!
    Dark colours can be applied over light colours or light colours over dark. Thanks to its fast drying time, layering can be carried out with no smudges.
    The “blowing” technique gives the gradient effect seen in street art, similar to the effect obtained with spray paints.
    Just blow vigorously (but not too vigorously!) on the tip of the POSCA when it is filled with paint.
    This technique works best with broad tips: PC-5M, PC-7M, PC-8K et PC-17K.



Uni Posca PC-1M Paint Marker- Extra Fine Bullet Tip 0.7mm

  • Water-based pigment ink that is non-toxic, lightfast, waterproof 
  • For small-format creations with its small size and its extra-fine bullet tip. It is appreciated by adults and children, from beginners to the most experienced, who use it for precise colouring.
  • artists appreciate it for painting, drawing or signing their works.
  • Made in Japan

Set option :

12 Colors - red, orange, yellow, pale green, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, brown, white, and black

8 Colors

7 Colors


Uni Posca PC-3M Paint Marker- Fine Bullet Tip 1.3mm

  • Ideal for many users: artists and creative professionals such as designers who use it to add colour or shading to plans;
  • Fans of creative hobbies such as scrapbooking and card-making, who use it to decorate photos, write on glass and make beautiful table settings;
  • Keen decorators who use it to upscale objects;
  • Surfers and skaters for customising their boards; everyday creative people for transforming a cap or t-shirt and budding artists for light-filled drawings with deep colours.
  • 0.9-1.3mm tip
  • After dried, Water resistant,Fade resistant


三菱 Uni POSCA

在過去的 30 年裡,POSCA 標記伴隨著全世界各種形式的創造力。油漆馬克筆於 80 年代初推出,在源自城市文化的藝術社區,尤其是塗鴉社區成功地打響名堂。並從街頭藝術到美術,通過插圖、塗鴉、肖像等領域,POSCA 在所有媒體中推動藝術動力。
大多數 POSCA 吸頭可清洗和更換(PC-1MC、PC-3M、PC-5m、PC-7M、PC-8K 和 PC-17K)。有些也是可逆的(PC-3M 和 PC-5M)。如果吸頭隨著時間的推移而變乾(例如,如果蓋子沒有正確蓋好),您可以將其浸泡在一杯水中,以便再次使用。

三菱 Uni Posca PC-1M 油漆記號筆-超細子筆頭 筆頭選擇-0.7mm

  • 水性顏料墨水,無毒、耐光、防水,可根據需要選用筆尖
  • 日本製造



12色 : 色、橙色、黃色、淡綠色、綠色、淺藍色、藍色、紫色、粉紅色、棕色、白色和黑色,





Uni Posca PC-3M 油漆筆 - 細子彈頭 1.3 mm

  • 藝術家和創意專業人士,例如使用它為自己的設計添加顏色或陰影
  • 剪貼簿和卡片製作等創意愛好者他們用它來裝飾照片、在玻璃上書寫和製作精美的餐桌佈置,熱衷於使用它來升級物體的裝飾師;
  • 衝浪者和溜冰者定制他們的板; 每天都有創意的人可以改造帽子或 T 裇,而街頭藝術家則可以繪製充滿創意的圖畫。

Uni POSCA Extra Fine Tip-0.7mm Colors Set POSCA 極幼顏色麥克筆套裝

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