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Pentel Vistage Watercolor Pastels 12 Colors Set (Japan) 

Pentel Vistage water-soluble pastel that won Japan's GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017.  A water-soluble oil pastel with a smooth touch that not only has the basic performance of oil pastel but also dissolves in water.

  • The deep color makes it possible to create vivid watercolors even when dissolved in water!
  • Included a water brush. A slim water brush that is quick and easy to use even for beginners. It is easier to adjust the water draining compared to the conventional product and is ideal for point watercolor. The tip uses "Pentel's original nylon hair," which is also used for makeup brushes. It contains a lot of water, is not easily damaged, and has an excellent compatibility with pastel! 
  • With the brush, the water-soluble pastels can be used to create different soft and gradient watercolor effects
  • New water-soluble pastel
  • The stick is  in long square design, easy to draw with a wide range of inclination angles
  •  Available in 12, 24, 36 colors


You can learn how to use this product and its drawing effects from below Pentel's product demonstration in Youtube


榮獲日本GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017優秀設計獎的Pentel Vistage水溶性粉彩


1. 全新水溶性粉彩

2. 有12,24, 36色供選擇

3. 長條正方形狀設計,  方便用傾角度大範圍繪畫

4. 附送注水式尼龍筆咀畫筆

5. 以畫筆可化開溶於水的粉彩,造出不同柔和,漸變色的水彩效果


你可以從 Pentel 在 Youtube 的產品演示中學習如何使用這個產品以及它的效果.

Pentel Vistage Watercolor Pastels Colors Set (Japan) 日本製造 Pentel水溶性粉彩

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