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A Korean Brand, started from 1946, with the mission of " Color your Life", offering a wide range from kids to life long catering your sense of Art needs.  


Professional Watercolor half pan set :

  •  Made in Korea
  •  Excellent color development and light resistance using the finest pigments
  •  Clear and transparent optimal color
  •  Easy to refill later with the color number and name displayed on each individual color
  •   Available in half pan or full pan sets
  •  Lightfast and vibrant colors
  • Available in Half pan size: 20x16x10mm
  • Convenient usability and portability-Metal case with two fold-out palette and with finger ring at the back for you to easily lay it on your palm. 
  • AP (ASTM4236) certicate.


Color set option:

12, 24, 48 colors.

Special color tone : Pastel , Metalic

Mungyo Professional Watercolour Half-pan set 專業水彩半磚套裝系

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