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繪畫板有3mm厚, 提供足夠硬度承托力, 不易變形

將水彩畫紙用3M 縐紋膠紙貼在繪畫板上,繪畫可以透過傾鈄畫板,製作不同效果。



- 圓邊設計,防撞更安全

- 3mm 全透明亞膠力膠板, 不易變形 (左下方有雷射雕刻Joy in Art Logo)

- 助水份更長時間保留在畫紙上,延長濕畫法繪畫時間

- 容易清潔

- 兩款尺寸選擇:

  中: 460x330x3mm

  小: 380x270x3mm



1. 將水彩畫紙用縐紋膠紙固定在繪畫板上


Painting board specially designed for watercolor painting.

The drawing board is 3mm thick, providing sufficient hardness and support and not easily deformed. Paste the watercolor paper on the drawing board with 3M crepe tape. The painting can be tilted on the drawing board and create different effects.


feature of product:

- Round edge design, safer to avoid collisions

- 3mm fully transparent acrylic sheet, not easily deformed

  (laser engraved Joy in Art Logo on the lower left)

- Helps keep your paper wet, extend the painting time of wet on wet.

- Easy to clean

- Two sizes to choose from:

  Medium: 460x330x3mm

  Small: 380x270x3mm


Instructions: Fix the watercolor paper on top of the painting with tape

Multi-purpose pad (Middle/Small) 多功能繪畫板 (中/小)

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