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KURETAKE Gansai Tambi Glittering Watercolor Set

Traditional Japanese  watercolors for professional artists and crafters.  Golden pearl-tinted nature ideal for sketching, illustration, card making and calligraphy brush lettering. 

This series featuring excellent opaqueness

  • Amazement : These sparkling watercolor paints appear soft and opalescent on white paper yet bold and metallic on black or dark colored paper.
  • Japanese Water pigment colors.
  • Shimmer and Glitter of Gansai Tambi.
  • 4 complete set (Pearl Colors,Starry Colors,Gem Colors, Opal Colors)
  • Each watercolor block comes in an individual tray that can be removed from the palette during use.
  • Xylene-free, conforms to ASTM D 4236, ACMI-certified for safety :No toxic heavy metals were used in production and safety was made a priority. Safe for the human body and the environment.
  • MADE IN JAPAN: Quality control to manage richness and subtlety of colors are carefully considered when produced in Japan.
  • Apply water brush with colour to activate it.

Remark :

  • Gansai pans may exhibit cracking due to extreme dryness, however, it does not affect their quality.
  • Occasionally, Gansai pan texture may look rough due to tiny air bubbles which can occur during production, which does not affect their quality.


Choice of set :

Opal Colours Set

Gansai colours that reflect various colour tones depending on the angle from which it is viewed. it shines in pale, pearly tones on white paper, and displays a strong, metallic colour on dark-coloured paper. The range of shades are perfect for adding subtle effects to illustrations, lettering, landscapes and many other projects.

This set includes six colors: Opal Blue (No. 663), Opal Copper (No. 692), Opal Gold (No. 695), Opal Green (No. 651), Opal Pink (No. 634), and Opal Violet (No. 638).


Starry Colours Set

This palette is similar to the Finetec Gold Set, but the colours have a bit less sparkle, but more shimmer and shine. Starry Color's high-quality pigments were created to radiate from both light and dark paper.

This set includes six colors: Blue Gold (No. 901), Champagne Gold (No. 904), Light Gold (No. 905), Red Gold (No. 902), White Gold (No. 906), and Yellow Gold (No. 903).


Pearl Colours Set

These shimmering colours look great on white paper, but not on black paper. The sparkle produced is from mica particles added to the pigment.

This set includes six colors: Pearl Pink (734), Pearl Scarlet Red (731), Pearl Lemon Yellow (740), Pearl May Green (751), Pearl Cobalt Blue (762), White Gold (906).


Gem Colours Set

These colours are metallic-toned and sparkle like gemstones. The opaque colour stains the paper and stands out boldly. 

This set includes six colors: Gem Red (No. 830), Gem Pink (No. 831), Yellow Gold (No. 903), Gem Green (No. 850), Gem Blue (No. 860) and Gem Violet (No. 861). 


See the demonstration of Kuretake color:





  • 為畫作增添奇妙:這些閃閃發光的水彩顏料在白紙上保持著 Gansai Tambi的原有的微光和閃光顯現柔和乳白色,而在黑色或深色紙上則顯得大膽而特別金屬感。
  • 水性顏料的顏色可與水性顏料溶合。
  •  4套(珍珠色,星空,寶石色,蛋白石色) 每個水彩塊都放在一個單獨的托盤中,在使用過程中可以將其從調色板中取出。
  • 不含二甲苯,符合ASTM D 4236,通過ACMI安全認證:生產中不使用有毒重金屬,安全性放在首位。對人體和環境安全。
  • 日本製造:在日本生產時,應認真考慮對色彩豐富度和微妙度進行管理的質量控制。


備註: 由於極度乾燥,干鍋色塊可能會出現開裂,但是,它不會影響其使用質量。 有時,由於在生產過程中可能會出現微小的氣泡見於色塊,它是反光物質的質地可能看起來粗糙,這並不影響其質量。




蛋白石顏色集--- 可以從不同角度反映各種色調的Gansai顏色。它在白紙上以淡淡的珍珠色調發光,在深色紙上顯示強烈的金屬色。非常適合為插圖,文字,風景和許多其他項目添加微妙的效果。

此套裝包括六種顏色:蛋白石藍色(No. 663),蛋白石銅(No. 692),蛋白石金(No. 695),蛋白石綠(No. 651),蛋白石粉紅色(No. 634)和蛋白石紫(第638號)。


星空顏色集--- 此調色板與Finetec Gold Set相似,顏色的閃光程度略低,但更具光澤感。它創造了漫天星空的優質顏料,可以從淺色和深色紙張中散發出來。



珍珠顏色集--- 這些閃閃發光的顏色在白紙上看起來不錯,但在黑紙上卻不明顯。產生的火花閃爍來自添加到顏料中的雲母顆粒。



寶石顏色集--- 這些顏色具有金屬色調,像寶石一樣閃閃發光。不透明的寶石顏色灑在紙上大膽地脫穎而出。

此套裝包括六種顏色:寶石紅(編號830),寶石粉紅色(編號831),黃金(編號903),寶石綠(編號850),寶石藍(編號860)和寶石紫(編號:No (861)。



Kuretake Gansai Tambi Glittering Watercolor Sets 日本吳竹牌顏彩耽美閃爍系列水彩畫套裝

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