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Aluminum  Outdoor easel new silver easel : With carry bag, Easy to carry for outdoor sketching

  1. Fit for indoor and outdoor usage, so the easel is made as a sketch portable device,
  2. it is required to be as light as possible and have a solid structure.
  3. The aluminum easel is durable, lightweight and small enough to be ideal for sketching.

袋裝, 方便攜帶, 三段式可調整伸縮畫架(方形腳),鋁製畫架,質量較鐵製輕盈許多.







● Made of aluminum.  Round tube type / 3-stage type (with bag)

● Maximum height (cm) :157

●Minimum length (cm)   : 55.2

● Canvas size

Normal use = Vertical F20

Maximum use dimensions= Vertical F50 

● Weight: 0.75kg




● Made of aluminum. Round tube type / 3-stage type (with bag)

Round type / 3-stage type (with bag)

● Maximum height (cm) :113  (horizontal position)

●Minimum length (cm) :59

● Canvas size

 Normal use

     Vertical use = Vertical F20

     Horizontal use = Vertical F6 

Maximum use dimensions:Vertical F40

● Weight: 0.98kg

Holbein New Silver Easel 銀色鋁質畫架

  • Please contact us to check if special arrangement is needed.

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