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Popular items have been commercialized! "Transparent watercolor paint pastel color 12 color set"

The long-awaited commercialization of a very popular item at Holbain's official online shop limited sale!
We have selected 12 pastel colors that you will want to use for comic illustrations.
It doesn't contain the same colors as the regular 12-color set, so it's also recommended as a second set!



期待已久的 Holbain 官方網上商店限量銷售中非常受歡迎的其中一個商品!

  • Holbein 選擇了 12 種柔和的顏色,以滿足你畫漫畫插圖的喜好。
  • 它不包含與常規 12 色套裝相同的顏色,因此它作為互補色套裝!


For moreHolbeinitems/ 產品資訊:

Holbein Artists Watercolors Pastel color Set-好品專家水彩粉色系套裝

SKU: C2005-W452
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