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‧ 不易掉色不黏手
‧ 不用擔心表面乾燥,或沾染灰塵鉛芯等髒汙
‧ 可朔性強,軟硬適中,不易斷裂
‧ 可隨修改畫面需求使用
‧ 可用於素描、彩色鉛筆、粉彩畫等細節修改與打亮


Feature of product:

‧ Not easy to fade and not sticky to hands

‧ No need to worry about the surface being dry or contaminated with dust, lead core and other contaminants

‧ Strong craftability, moderate hardness and softness, not easy to break

‧ Can be used as needed to modify the screen

‧ Can be used to modify and highlight details of sketches, colored pencils, pastel paintings, etc.

Faber-Castell Kneadable Art Eraser Faber-Castell 素描擦膠

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