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DANIEL SMITH is an artists' favorite brand all over the world​, from professional artists to the beginning watercolorists because of the beautiful colors, consistent performance and lasting color or lightfastness.

DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are packed with high quality pigments using pure gum arabic as the binder – no fillers.​ For each color, DANIEL SMITH selects the perfect grind to yield particle sizes that maximize the qualities inherent in the pigment, balancing maximum pigment load with minimum vehicle content.

The DANIEL SMITH Essentials Watercolor Set has six, 5ml watercolor tubes that are just the right size to get started painting with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors for both the beginner and professional artist.

  • The set gives artists an easy way to experience the excitement of painting with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors
  • Conveniently sized to take along for plein air painting, and makes great gift!
  • With the 6 colors in the set, you can mix a huge range of other colors including the secondary oranges, greens and violets.
  • When mixing these 6 essential colors in different combinations, you can paint landscapes, still lifes, portraits…whatever you choose!Mixing colors is one of the foundations of painting.


A. Essential Set in 5ml tube :

3 cool primary colors: Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone Rose, and Phthalo Blue (GS) +

3 warm primary colors: New Gamboge, Pyrrol Scarlet, and French Ultramarine.


B. Essential Watercolor Mixing Set

  • 6 colors of above
  • 1oz watercolor Ground
  • 1 pastic Travel Case
  • 1 Color Mixing Guide.

A foundation of Watercolor Ground gives virtually any surface a new texture similar to cold-press watercolor paper. You can achieve the same distinctive, transparent qualities of watercolor on wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, stone, plaster and more.

This archival-quality ground can also be used to add texture or cover flaws 


See the demonstration of this set in Youtube :




  • DANIEL SMITH水彩顏料使用純阿拉伯膠作為粘合劑以溶合高質量顏料-不加填料。每種顏色,DANIEL SMITH均選擇完美的研磨劑以產生可最大化顏料固有質量的粒徑,從而在最大負載量和最小負載量之間取得平衡車輛內容。
  • DANIEL SMITH Essentials水彩筆套裝,適合初學者和專業畫家。 該套裝為藝術家提供了一種輕鬆的方法以體驗丹尼爾·史密斯(DANIEL SMITH)水彩作品的繪畫樂趣
  • 尺寸適中,可隨身攜帶作畫,或作為精美的禮物!
  • 設置了6種顏色後,您可以混合以衍生出各種其他顏色,包括次要橙色,綠色和紫色。
  • 當將這6種基本顏色以不同的組合進行混合時,您可以繪製風景,靜物,肖像……無論選擇什麼!混合顏色是繪畫的基礎之一。 這6種基本色, 讓你揮使自如。


A. Essential Set本顏色 (5ml 支裝):

3種涼爽的原色:Hansa Yellow Light,Quinacridone Rose和Phthalo Blue(GS)+



B. Essential Watercolor Mixing Set

6 支上述顏色,5 毫升 + 1 盎司鈦白色底塗料 + 1 塑料裝盒 + 1 個混色指南

  • 加入鈦白色水彩底塗料,可讓你在不同表面上畫水彩畫。 ​ 水彩底塗料幾乎可以附在任何表面上;木材、金屬、塑料、紙板、書籍等等! 水彩底塗料乾固後 ( 約須24小時), 該表面在可以用水彩畫畫 - 發揮創意的可能性!



Daniel Smith Essential Watercolor Set 丹尼爾史密夫DS 基礎 6色套裝

SKU: MW-DS285610005
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