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Daler-Rowney Diana series

Watercolour and gouache can be difficult to work with, and high-quality tools can make a marked difference to any artistic endeavour.

A sable brush is an essential tool for watercolour work due to the fibre’s unmatched colour-holding capacity and natural spring. 

Daler-Rowney Kolinsky Sable brushes are made with the finest Kolinsky sable, offering artists precise control with even the most delicate brushwork. In addition to the excellent control that sable watercolour brushes provide, Daler-Rowney Diana brushes are equally viable for artists who wish to pick up and drop paint with ease. 

Though Daler-Rowney Diana brushes are made using the best materials available, it is the tapering process used to create Daler-Rowney watercolour brushes that make them an obvious choice for serious artists. Daler-Rowney’s with a unique tapering process to give a full belly, precise point and high degree of spring which retains its shape after every use. 

There is no better natural hair or man-made fibre than the finest selected Kolinsky sable to excel in colour-holding capacity and spring.

  • Natural hair. Kolinsky sable fibres.
  • Ideal for watercolour.
  • Excellent colour-holding.
  • A full belly, precise tip point and high degree of spring.
  • Outstanding picking-up and dropping quality.
  • Precise control. Daler-Rowney Kolinsky Sable Brushes are perfect for art which requires a fine touch. With numerous tip sizes available, artists should have little trouble finding an ideal match for the task at hand. 
  • For artists wishing to achieve the highest standards in watercolour and gouache work, Daler-Rowney Kolinsky Sable Brushes are invaluable tools. 
  • Made in UK.


Daler-Rowney 精緻黑貂毛系列

高品質的Diana 畫筆系列是採用最優質的西伯利亞 黑貂毛。除了用最好的材料製成外, Diana 畫筆系在製作過程中畫筆的逐漸變細過程,使它們成為藝術家的推崇選擇。它採用獨特的錐形工藝打造豐滿的畫筆腹部、形成精細的筆尖而仍保持高度的彈性, 每次使用後都能保持其形狀, 用過便會令你愛不釋手 !

  • 為藝術家提供精確的控制以達至最精緻的筆觸。Daler-Rowney Diana 畫筆同樣適用於希望輕鬆享受繪畫但有一定要求的藝術家。
  • 天然優質的西伯利亞 黑貂毛。
  • 飽滿的腹部,精準的點畫使你能充分掌控你的筆觸。
  • 有強的回彈性以保持的形狀。
  • 天然的毛髮使它有良好的儲水性以確保色素的保留能力
  • 英國製造.

Daler-Rowney Diana Kolinsky Sable Brushes 天然 精緻西伯利亞黑貂毛水彩筆

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