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Super Amazing  !

You can learn to draw by tracing the line with the help from this LED light pad, enjoy your Star Wars scenes in this Hot summer.  Limited quantity !

Star Wars Light-Up Tracing Pad

  • Trace and Color Classic Star Wars Characters and Scenes

    This tracing pad set comes with 10 tracing sheets that each feature a different line drawing with characters and scenes from the Star Wars movies.

  • Kids simply place a tracing sheet on the light-up pad and then use a blank sheet of paper to trace the drawings. Once the tracing is completed, kids can use the included markers or colored pencils to color in the traced images.

  • Non-Slip Frame Holds Tracing Sheet in Place for Accurate Drawings

    To prevent frustration and help kids get accurate results, the Star Wars Light-Up Tracing Pad has a frame that keeps the tracing sheets firmly in place as kids trace the drawings. This allows kids to create a finished product that looks exactly like the drawings they've traced.

  • LED Backlight Helps Make Tracing Easy and Fun

    Use the tracing pad's LED backlight to create a clear, vibrant scene. This light also provides a steady, even glow, with no distracting black spots, to help kids see every detail in the drawing as they trace.

  • Gel Markers Make Light Sabers Glow

    For an added layer of fun, kids can experience coloring that glows thanks to the included Washable Gel FX Markers. When kids use these markers to color in the Star Wars movie scenes on the transparency sheets, the coloring will glow when the pad's light is turned on--including the light sabers.

    Package Contents

    Light-up tracing pad, 6 Washable Gel FX Skinnies,3 transparency sheets, 6 short colored pencils, 10 tracing sheets, 10 blank sheets, and graphite pencil.

  • Recomend for aged 6 or above.


無限驚喜 ! 數量有限, 欲購從速 !

    在這炎熱的夏天, 又不能外出, 千色樂 Star Wars系列的為你的小朋友帶來畫畫樂趣. 一步一步畫星球大戰的心愛人物. 美國出品的Crayola,迪士尼正貨正版

    • 內附一個LED燈光繪圖板, 以及印有星球大戰人物的繪圖圖紙( 10張), 只要放在LED燈光繪圖板上, 再把一長張白紙放在最上. 小朋友便可透過背燈, 跟著繪圖.
    • 讓小朋友在學畫Star Wars系列外, 更可利用LED燈光繪圖板, 學習畫出不同的其他人物, 圖案. 吸引小朋友從成功中不斷學習
    • 有 6閃光FX 啫哩筆, 6支短身木顏色, 1支素描筆 和 3張透明膠片.

    Crayola Star Wars Light-Up Tracing Pad 千色樂星球大戰填色版燈光繪圖板

    SKU: CC04-6855
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