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Super Amazing  !

You can design your own spaceship and fly your own spaceship in the visual game, enjoy your Star Wars in this Hot summer.  Limited quantity !

Virtual Design Pro Portfolio 

  • With this set, kids can create custom Star Wars spaceship designs in the physical world and watch them come alive in the virtual world.
  • Virtual Design Pro Star Wars Edition comes with 12 Pip Squeaks markers, 12 short colored pencils, 40-page design book in a convenient storage case.
  • The set also includes a free app, where aspiring designers can customize their spaceships and enhance creations on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Add Special Effects to Artwork

    Creating vibrant designs on paper is only the first step with Virtual Design Pro Star Wars Edition. The Design Pro app lets kids customize their Star Wars spaceships and add special color effects to their designs.

  • Create Designs Anywhere

    Crayola Virtual Design Pro includes high quality design tools and special software that let kids create like professional designers, kids don't have to wait until they get home to unleash their creativity. Kids can let their imaginations run wild and develop their design skills on compatible smartphones and tablets.

  • The app works with most iOS and Android smartphones and devices.

  • To check specific device compatibility, visit

  • Recomend for aged 6 or above.


無限驚喜 ! 數量有限, 欲購從速 !

    在這炎熱的夏天, 又不能外出, 千色樂 Star Wars系列的這套畫冊顏色筆套裝, 讓你擁有自己設計的飛船, 馳騁於星際遊戲中. 美國出品的Crayola,迪士尼正貨正版

    • 內附一個手機或手提筆記薄程式,(iOS and Android 合用), 讓小朋友自己為自己的飛船設計裝飾, 儘情發揮創意.
    • 更可以在遊戲程式內, 駕駛自己設計的飛船去完成任務. 讓星球大戰倍住你過暑假. 
    • 一本有40頁的填色設計薄, 讓你發揮無限的構想. 
    • 12支顏色Marker 筆, 12支短身木顏色, 讓小朋友更易握筆, 畫出不同的圖案.

    Crayola Star Wars Edition -Virtual Design Pro Portfolio Star 千色樂星球大戰填色簿+虛擬遊戲套裝

    SKU: CC95-1069
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