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Surprise ! You can enjoy the Frozen time in this Hot summer. Love will go on ! Limited quantity !

This super set of Crayola pens and paper will let you draw your favourite character and scenes from the hit movie.

  • The portable art studio kids can take anywhere
  • Kids can unleash their creativity any time, any place
  • Includes Minions-themed colors and Minions line art
  • Recommended for ages 4 and above
  • This package contains over 140pieces :

      64 crayons, 22 short coloured pencils, 40 washable markers, plus 15 sheets of paper (250 x 340mm/9.8x13.3 inch ).


驚喜 ! 數量有限, 欲購從速 !

    在這炎熱的夏天, 又不能外出, 千色樂Minions系列顏色筆畫袋套裝為你重拾無限的歡笑  ! 美國出品的Crayola,迪士尼正貨正版

    • 一個 ( 11x15-1/2x2-1/8 inch ) 方便攜帶的硬公事包盒, 有齊你喜歡的Minions倍住你過暑假. 
    • 仲有多款顏色筆同15張畫紙 (250 x 340mm/9.8x13.3 inch ), 比你儘情發揮創意. 
    • 64 蠟筆, 22 短身木顏色, 40 可水洗的 Marker 筆

    Minions -- Crayola Inspiration Art Case 140pcs, 千色樂兒童畫筆套裝

    SKU: CC04-5869
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