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Mechanical pencils are particularly suitable for drawing, sketching and writing. Their major advantage is that you don’t need to sharpen them (with the exception of the 2-mm leads for leadholders). This means that they don’t get shorter and shorter over time like conventional pencils; instead they can be refilled with lead and you can continue using your pencil. Find the right mechanical pencil to suit your needs that offers you optimum handling.


High-quality STAEDTLER leadholders for detailed drawing

Leadholders are suitable for drawing, sketching and writing. They have different lead range, by pressing the push button, which opens the drop clutch mechanism, the user can advance the lead to the desired length. 


  • Leadholder for drawing, sketching and writing

  • Different lead range : 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9, 1.3, 2.0mm in different Hardness for your choice.
  • With metal clip, push-button and grip zone
  • Hardness-degree indication on clip
  • Made in Germany


How do you refill leadholders? Refill leadholders easily with the right accessories

In contrast to mechanical pencils, leadholders are refilled by pressing the push-button to open the drop clutch mechanism and inserting the lead  into the leadholder via the tip.


Product demonstration :


自動鉛筆特別適合繪畫、素描和書寫。 它們的主要優點是您不需要磨尖它們。 這意味著它們不會像傳統鉛筆那樣隨著時間的推移越來越短。 相反,它們可以重新填充鉛,您可以繼續使用鉛筆。 找到合適的自動鉛筆以滿足您的需求,為您提供最佳處理。



  • 筆桿的顏色以銀色呈現,筆頭與筆夾則是拋光的鍍鉻飾面,維持帶有滾花紋路的金屬握位。芯徑有6種選擇,筆帽上面以不同標示區分不同筆芯尺寸。
  • 除了1.3/2.0mm版本之外,其他版本都附有筆身橡皮擦,並帶清潔針可供清潔筆頭內殘存的筆芯。
  • 出芯方式皆為按壓式出芯,所以2.0mm並不是抓芯式的,每次按壓筆帽筆芯就會移動1mm。
  • 附有方便的筆芯硬度指示窗,範圍從3H到2B,其中包括F。
  • 技術規格: 長度(cm): 14.3 軸徑(cm): 0.9 重量(g): 17.0/21.5 (2.0mm重量較特別)
  • 材質: 幾乎由金屬鋁製成,
  • 筆頭為鍍鉻材質 筆芯規格(mm): 0.3、0.5、0.7、0.9、1.3、2.0
  • 出芯機制: 按壓出芯 其他: 附有筆芯硬度顯示窗
  • 注意事項: 以原廠PP透明筆套包裝


如何更換筆芯? 通過按下按鈕打開落下離合器機構並通過筆尖將鉛芯插入鉛座來重新填充鉛座。

Staedtler 925-25 Mechanical Pencil 施德樓 STAEDTLER 925 25系列金屬筒自動鉛筆

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