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GOLDEN Mediums & Additives provide infinite control with acrylic colors. Mediums control transparency, viscosity and surface sheen, while additives control paint’s working properties. 


  • Gloss Medium(高登乳膠光面調劑 ) [formerly Polymer Medium (Gloss)] is useful for creating glazes, extending colors, enhancing gloss and translucency. It has an oil-like feel and resinous nature that promotes flow and leveling. It is the best product for blocking Support Induced Discoloration (SID).  (Item # 3510) 
  • Fluid Matte Medium(高登啞光調色劑) is useful for extending colors, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. Particularly useful with GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics to decrease gloss while maintaining consistency.  (Item # 3520)
  • Matte Medium(高登啞調色劑) is a pourable medium useful for extending color, decreasing gloss and increasing film integrity. It is also used as a nearly clear ground on canvas instead of gesso.  (Item # 3530)
  • Super Matte(高登特強啞調色劑 )formerly Super Loaded Matte Medium] is useful for reducing gloss. The high level of matting agents lower the sheen of other products with minimal addition to preserve color and consistency. Best when mixed with with acrylic paints or mediums.  (Item # 3531)
  • Airbrush Medium (高登噴筆媒劑)modifies GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics for spray application by reducing clog­ging and tip buildup during spraying. Recommended for spraying on garments, Airbrush Medium may also be used to thin other prod­ucts for spraying  such as Iridescent/Interference Acrylics and Gesso. NOTE: Airbrush Medium is NOT designed to mix with High Flow Acrylics (Use High Flow Medium).   (Item # 3535)
  • Color Pouring Medium Gloss (高登光面調彩劑 ) for an almost opaque, glossy and level appearance. (Item #3501). 
  • Color Pouring Medium Matte(高登啞調彩劑)provides a low luster finish on color pours. Colors hold their edges when poured wet into wet. (Item # 3502)

     Application of Color Pouring Medium: Gently mix 10 parts Color Pouring Medium with 1 part acrylic color, allow mixture to sit covered (ideally overnight) to eliminate air bubbles. Pour close to the surface to reduce air bubbles.Paintings may need to dry for a few days before moving and tenting is recommended. Do not pour thicker than 1/8” (3mm) or attempt to accelerate drying.


There are volume options : 119ml, 236ml, 473 ml


Golden Mediums-高登塑膠彩調劑

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