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水彩紙適用的3M 優質縐紋膠紙



- 表面防水

- 撕起時不會損壞紙張,安心使用

- 尺寸: 18mm x 18m


使用方法: 用3M 縐紋膠紙貼在水彩畫紙的四邊上,固定在檯 / 板上繪畫

建議使用多功能繪畫板 (中/小)



3M Scotch Masking Tap suitable for watercolor paper.


Feature of product:

- Waterproof surface

- The paper will not be damaged when you remove the tape 

- Size: 18mm x 18m


Instructions for use: Use 3M crepe tape to stick to the four sides of the watercolor painting paper, to fix it on the table/board for painting.


Suggest to use with Multi-purpose pad:

3M Scotch 優質縐紋膠紙 18mmx18m

SKU: 1000000100137
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