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PEEK-A-‘sketch’BOOK exhibition


By VanSketcher

展覽介紹About the exhibition:


I started my first page of sketchbook in the winter of 2014. Since then, I have never left home without my sketching tools documenting interesting and obscure aspects around my daily life. It’s unbelievable that I have maintained this habit for 8 years completing a good number of over 40 sketchbooks. I found that it’s always mesmerizing flipping through my sketchbooks, every page brought back endless memories. Some sketchbooks accompanied me on overseas trips, documenting my journey, authentic food, and local scenery; some sketchbooks accompanied me in the hustle bustle Hong Kong recording my favorite local foods, busy streets, specialty shops, and vanishing buildings. These sketchbooks are my personal journals which represent my appreciation of the urban space and interesting details around me. Through this exhibition, I am sharing a selection of my illustrated journals throughout the years, I hope you will enjoy flipping through them as much as I do.




展出作品 Exhibits: 超過20本手繪速寫本 Over 20 originals sketching journals

開幕日Opening: 2023年2月5日 16:00 -18:00

展覽日期 Date: 2023年2月5日 - 3月4日

Mon-Fri 10:30-18:30* Sat-Sun 14:30-18:00*

(lunch hour 13:30-14:30)

地點 Venue: Joy in Art Gallery

 6/f, Tung Lee Building, 9 Lai Yip Street, Ngau Tau Kok

九龍牛頭角, 勵業街9號, 同利工業大廈, 六樓



Vanessa’s Bio

Vanessa是一名執業建築師,她的建築背景使她感受空間及細節特別敏銳。自2014年接觸城市速寫Urban Sketching以來,她便無時無刻把畫具帶在身旁。她追隨這份畫畫的熱誠,不斷地促使她在日常生活中為她的手繪筆記找尋值得記錄的事物。在香港出生和成長的她,儘管非常習慣香港的繁喧,但是其不斷變化的環境,使她這個步履急速的人也忍不住放慢腳步,以畫筆欣賞一下這個陪伴她成長的都市。她喜歡在繪畫主題中找出其獨特之處,並以墨線和水彩將它們記錄下來。她的作品正是她生活的手繪,代表一個日常香港的筆記。


Vanessa is a practising architect and her background in architecture has instilled in her an appreciation for details and sense of space. Since discovering Urban Sketching in 2014, she has never left home without her sketching tools. She relentlessly follows her passion and continues to discover interesting and obscure aspects around her daily life for her sketching journals. Being born and grew up in Hong Kong, Vanessa is used to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, but its ever-changing environment has inspired her to slow down and savour the beauty of her hometown. She will sketch her meals, the local eateries, the busy cluttered streets, the specialty stores and those vanishing old buildings that she passes by in her daily life. She likes to find unique character in her subjects and record them with expressive ink lines and vibrant arrays of watercolours. Her artworks are her personal journals and an ode to the old-world and cosmopolitan charm of Hong Kong.  

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