is a type of picture in which lines are joined to create a work of art. You're sure to discover a new interest once you try Kaleidolines for the first time!


The name Kaleidolines is a combination of several words: the Greek words "kalós," which means beautiful, and "eîdos," which means shape; and the English word "lines," which can mean both a drawn line and a line as in a series of products.

  • Kaleidolines was so named because it allows you to combine lines and shapes to create beautiful pictures.
  • One line and one shape can be combined in many different ways. And by skillfully using colors and spaces, you can expand your range of expression even further.
  • Kaleidolines can be used to not only create decorative works, but also to make such items as cards to give to other people. It allows you to express your creativity by decorating miscellaneous goods and small items around you.
  • All pens with AP certificate. Non tonxic.


The Kaleidolines Starter Set included :

  • 2 pens for drawing lines : ZIG Cartonnist MANGAKA ( CNM-01 + CNM-05)
  • 2 pens for painting : ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA Flexible ( CNMF Fine black + CNMM Medium black)
  • 8 pens for coloring : ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush ( RB-6000AT in color : Light Carmine, Pale Pink, Light Blue, Pale Green, Yellow, Bright Yellow, Gray Brown, Cool Gray1)
  • Paper in 100x148mm ( Pre-printed 2 sheets, Plain 2 sheets)


Combine with other Kuretake products, you will find more fun, please check from the below link :




是圖片的一種類型,其中線條連接在一起以創建藝術品。首次嘗試Kaleidolines的人一定會被它吸引 !


Kaleidolines這個名稱是幾個單詞的組合:希臘單詞“kalós”表示美麗,“eîdos”則表示形狀。以及英文單詞“ lines”,它既可以表示一條直線,也可以表示一系列產品中的一條直線。

  • Kaleidolines之所以如此命名,是因為它使您可以組合線條和形狀來創建精美的圖片。
  • 一條線和一種形狀可以多種不同方式組合。通過熟練地使用顏色和空格,您可以進一步擴濶表達範圍。
  • Kaleidolines不僅可以用來製作裝飾作品,還可以製作卡片等物品以贈送給其他人。它可以讓您裝飾周圍的雜貨和小物件來表達自己的創造力。
  • 所有筆都帶有AP證書。 無毒。


  • 2支畫線筆:ZIG Cartonnist MANGAKA(CNM-01 + CNM-05)
  • 2支繪畫筆:ZIG Cartoonist MANGAKA Flexible(CNMF細黑+ CNMM中黑)
  • 8支水彩色筆:ZIG CLEAN COLOR真筆刷(RB-6000AT顏色:淺胭脂紅,淺粉紅色,淺藍色,淺綠色,黃色,亮黃色,灰褐色,冷灰色1)
  • 100x148mm的紙(預印圖案2張,白紙2張)




ZIG Kaleidolines Starter Set 日本吳竹牌繪畫筆套裝

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