ZIG Clean Color Real Brush a high-quality watercolor brush pen.

Create beautiful illustrations, their soft brush tips and built-in ink supplies combine the convenience of a regular marker with the artistic versatility of a brush.

It is ideal for watercolor, fine art, modern calligraphy, crafts, Journaling, card making, sketches, and manga art.



  • Soft flexible nylon brush tip that lets you achieve wonderful line variation with changes in drawing angle and pressure. Hold the pen upright to draw a fine line or hold the pen at an angle to color wider areas.
  • Water-based, dye-based ink that can be blended with a water brush to create painterly watercolor effects.  You can blur it with water or mix with other real brush colors or blender.
  • Multiple colors can be combined to create gradations. First, start by applying a darker color, and before it dries, add another color over it to create a color gradation. In addition, you can apply a darker-colored ink directly to the tip of a light-colored pen to create a gradation when drawing with the lighter color.
  • Odorless, Xylene-free, conforms to ASTM D 4236, ACMI-certified for safety, registered AP mark for sale in the United States.


Set Options:

6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 90 colors set.


ZIG Clean Color Real Brush高品質水彩筆。




  • 柔軟的尼龍刷頭,可隨著繪畫角度和壓力的變化,垂直握住筆以畫一條細線,或以一定角度握住筆以造出較寬的筆觸著色, 體現了出色的線條變化。
  • 可以以水混合以產生繪畫水彩效果。您可以用水使其模糊或與其他真實的畫筆顏色混合以產生不同情度的混色。
  • 可以組合多種顏色來創造漸變。首先,從應用較深的顏色開始,然後在變乾之前,在其上添加其他顏色以創建顏色漸變。此外,您可以將深色墨水直接塗在淺色筆的筆尖上,以在用淺色繪圖時創建漸變。
  • 無臭,無二甲苯,符合ASTM D 4236,通過ACMI安全認證,在美國出售的註冊AP標記。






ZIG Clean Color Real Brush set ZIG 水彩毛 筆套裝

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