ZIG Clean Color Dot

  • Squishy dot tip. The materials used for ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT are rich in elasticity, have good flexibility and are able to express delicate, thin line as well as strong, thick lines.
  • In addition, the body of ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT has a diameter of 12 mm, and so is as thin as most other stationary products, making it easier to carry in a pencil case.
  • ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT has an array of 12 bright, pop colors.Create fun doodles and colorful notes with these double-sided markers.
  • One end features a 0.5 mm hard plastic nib—great for detailed drawings and writing in a planner or bullet journal—and the other end features a squishy round dot tip. Depending on how much pressure you use, the dot tip can make marks from 1 to 5 mm wide. By varying the pressure as you draw, you can make expressive, brush-like strokes. You can also use the dot tip to highlight important dates in your planner or calendar.
  • Water-based, lightfast pigment ink. Low-Odor, Xlyene Free
    Pigment-Based, Water-Based
  • It is ideal for watercolor, fine art,  card making, sketches, and manga art
  • Made in Japan.


Set Options:

6 Normal Color Set: TC-6100/6V

(025) Pink     (020) Red       (040) Green

(032) Blue     (080) Violet   (010) Black


6  Metal Color Set TC-8100/6V

(101) Gold      (102) Silver      (121) Green    

124) Violet     (125) Blue         (126) Red


*Single color is available, must indicate the color code when purchase.


ZIG Clean Color Real Brush高品質水彩筆。

  • ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT所使用的材料富有彈性,具有良好的柔韌性,並且能夠同時表現出細膩的細線以及強而粗的線。
  • 圓形圓點筆尖。根據您使用的壓力大小,點尖可以在1至5毫米寬的範圍內進行標記。通過在繪製時改變壓力,可以做出富有表現力的類似畫筆的筆觸。您還可以使用點提示突出顯示計劃器或日曆中的重要日期。
  • 另一端具有0.5毫米的硬塑料筆尖(非常適合用於詳細圖紙和在規劃師或項目符號日記中書寫),
  • 此外,ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT的筆幹直徑為12毫米,因此與大多數其他固定產品一樣易於手握,亦易於裝入筆袋。
  • ZIG CLEAN COLOR DOT包含12種明亮的流行色,並使用這些雙面標記創建有趣的塗鴉和彩色筆記。
  • 水性耐光顏料墨水。低氣味,不含二甲苯顏料基,水基
  • 它是水彩,美術,制卡,素描和漫畫藝術的理想選擇
  • 日本製造。



正常顏色6色套裝TC-6100 / 6V


金屬色6色套裝TC-8100 / 6V

(124)紫     (125)藍色(126)紅色

*有單色可選, 選購時必須寫上顏色號.

ZIG Clean Color Dot Set 日本吳竹牌雙頭圓點繪畫筆套裝

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