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 VAN GOGH Colour Shaper 

Colour shapers are unique, firm rubber tips attached to a brush handle for working with artist materials.

Experience fantastic results when using these shapers with heavy-body paints and modeling clays for moving the materials, texture application, and sgraffito techniques. Also works wonderfully with blending of pastels.

It can also be used in watercolor to remove white glue or to portray light in a semi-dry state.


  • Colour Shaper Firm Grey Round Tip (90980001)
  • Colour Shaper Firm Grey Angular Slanted Tip(90980002)
  • Colour Shaper Firm Grey Chisel Tip(90980003)




適用於塑膠彩的整形和泥膠造型、紋理應用和塗鴉技術時,體驗奇妙的效果。 與粉彩的混合也能很好地工作。亦可用於水彩作除去留白膠或於半乾狀態中刻畫光線. 


Color Shaper 堅固的灰色圓形尖端 (90980001)
Color Shaper 堅固的灰色斜角尖端 (90980002)
Color Shaper 堅固的灰色鑿尖 (90980003)

VAN GOGH Colour shaper Brushes 梵高色彩整形膠質掃

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