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Japan brand and design. 

  • Unlike tapered round nylon bristles, U plus bristles are U channel tapered. This channel feature much improve paint loading for longer brush strokes.
  • U channel bristles are originally invented and still used in artificial eye lashes non drooping yet soft to feel.
  • Ideal for acrylic , folk art painting.
  • These branded brushes are manufactured in Japanese technology.
  • There are different # for your choice : #0-18



  • 與錐形圓形尼龍刷毛不同,U plus 刷毛是 U 槽錐形刷毛。 此通道功能大大改善了較長尼龍畫筆筆觸在繪畫儲水功能上的缺點。
  • 這些品牌刷子採用日本技術製造, U 槽刷毛最初的發明是用在假眼睫毛上,因為它的優質彈性和手感柔軟至今仍被一直使用。
  • 是塑膠彩, 甚至水彩畫、民間藝術畫的理想之選。
  • 有不同的#供您選擇:#0-18

U-Plus Flat Brush, Short Handle-日本短杆 U-Plus 扁頭尼龍毛畫筆

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