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The term is derived from the Italian word 'pasta' (= paste). Pastels are made up of pigments, binding agents - e.g. tragacanth gum - and sometimes fillers like chalk and talc which make the pastel chalks smooth and soft.

  • Soft pastel chalks are also ideal for all kinds of mixed techniques.
  • They can be applied on top of gouache, watercolour, not too thickly applied acrylic and even oil paints and can be used in combination with, e.g., charcoal and ink too.
  • They can also be washed with a moist brush, similar to watercolouring.


How to use :

Painting surface for pastel chalk painting:
Rough paper is most suitable for use with soft pastel chalks. There are many different special pastel papers available, e.g. Ingres, velour paper, Sansfix, pastel card etc.

Pastel chalk looks particularly impressive when used on coloured paper, as the surface can then actually be incorporated in the picture.


Storage and framing:
When the work is completed, it is essential that it is fixed. A sheet of tissue or tracing paper may also be used to protect the finished picture. Even pastel artwork that has been properly fixed remains sensitive and, ideally, should be mounted and framed under glass straight away. Anyone not wishing to have a mount should nevertheless make sure that there is a spacer between the glass and the picture in order to avoid condensation stains.

Or you can use Pastel fixative.

Useful accessories for soft pastel chalks:
Fixative (available e.g. as a spray), paper stomps or, alternatively, cotton buds, wet wipes for cleaning hands and tools every now and then while working, kneadable eraser for the removal or lightening of colours (STAEDTLER art. no. 5427), rice - dirty soft pastel chalks can be cleaned quickly by placing them in a plastic tub with grains of rice -, a cover for the floor underneath the workplace as soft pastel chalks always create dust, protective clothing for the same reason.


Product information

  • Brilliant colours
  • High degree of light fastness
  • Soft marking
  • Easily blendable
  • Diameter approx. 10 mm, square shape
  • Paper sleeve keeps hands clean
  • Fixing recommended
  • AP certified/ ASTM D4236


粉彩 : 該術語源自意大利語“pasta”(= paste)。

使用參考 :


粉筆在彩色紙作畫因為紙色合併到圖片之中, 使畫面更和諧。


存儲和框架:工作完成後,必須將保護畫的表面。一張薄紙或描圖紙也可用作保護。理想情況下,應該立即安裝和框在玻璃下並確保在玻璃和圖片之間有一個墊片,以避免出現冷凝污漬。或者您可以使用 Pastel 固定劑。



  • 固定劑(可用作噴霧劑)、
  • 紙塊或棉棒, 或可揉搓橡皮擦(STAEDTLER 貨品編號 5427)-用於去除或淡化顏色
  • 畫畫地方墊上紙或布,因為軟粉筆總是會產生灰塵,以防止沾污衣物。



  • 色彩絢麗
  • 高度的耐光性
  • 軟度適中, 易於混開
  • 粉棒呈方形直徑約10 毫米
  • AP 認證/ASTM D4236

Staedtler Soft pastel 施德樓乾粉彩

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