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FIMO® liquid 8050

Oven-hardening liquid gel

Product information

  • Especially for beginners, hobby artists and professionals
  • Thick, fluid consistency
  • Extremely flexible after hardening
  • Ideal complement for FIMO modelling clay, compatible with FIMO soft, FIMO effect and FIMO professional
  • Can be used in bake-able silicone moulds
  • To embellish FIMO clays as well as a bond of hardened with non-hardened FIMO items
  • Ideal for contouring and grouting techniques
  • Image transfer from prints, graphite and pencil drawings
  • Glaze effects: Pure or dyed with FIMO modelling clay
  • Mixing techniques: e.g. marbling and colour gradients
  • Colours: Translucent - especially clear and translucent.
  • Practical dosage tip for pinpoint application and clean handling
  • Plastic bottle, hangable, 50 ml (1.69 fl oz)
  • Detailed instruction can be scanned via QR code





  • 特別適合初學者,業餘藝術家和專業人士
  • 流體濃度濃厚,
  • 硬化後極具彈性
  • FIMO造型的理想膠水,與FIMO軟質,FIMO效果和FIMO專業人士兼容
  • 可用於可烘烤的矽膠模上
  • 可以把FIMO硬化後以及未硬化FIMO物品的黏合.
  • 是造型輪廓和灌漿技術的理想選擇
  • 釉面效果:純正的或用FIMO造型粘土染色的
  • 混合技術:例如大理石花紋和顏色漸變
  • 顏色:半透明
  • 實用劑量提示,可精確塗抹和清潔處理
  • 50毫升(1.69盎司)
  • 可以通過QR碼掃描詳細說明

    Staedtler Fimo Liquid Decorating Gel 施德樓低溫泥玻璃液(液態膠)

    SKU: 8050-00
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