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STAEDTLER® 2420-Oil pastel Set

Oil pastels are particularly versatile and possess great expressive power. They contain oil and wax as binding agents. As a result, they do not cause dust and they adhere very well even to smooth paper. Their vibrant colours are reminis- cent of oil paints. They have superb coverage characteristics and best effects are achieved when the colours are applied thickly. Any surplus colour should be removed every now and again with a cotton cloth or piece of kitchen towel.


Product information

  • Brilliant, colour-intensive oil pastels
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for almost all smooth surfaces and a wide range of painting techniques
  • Diameter approx. 11 mm
  • Paper sleeve keeps hands clean
  • AP ASTM-D 4236 certified. Health Hazard concern.


General usage guideline:

Attractive, smooth transitions of colour can be created by smudging. Oil pastels are not really suitable for detailed work. However, the crayons can be sharpened a little (it is recommended to place them in the fridge for a while beforehand).

Another alternative is to take the desired colour and apply it to a piece of e.g. card, partially dissolve it using a brush dipped in solvent and then paint any details on using the brush. 

Highlights and shadows are emphasise as a last step using black and white crayons. Impressive effects have been created by a clear, linear structure, leaf metal and relief elements in gold.


Painting surface for oil pastel painting:
Oil pastels are a versatile medium which adhere to a whole variety of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, stone and even smooth surfaces like glass and plastic.


Storage of oil pastel paintings:
Oil pastel paintings are not particularly sensitive but it is, nevertheless, recommended to protect artwork with a transparent cover sheet or to frame it under glass straight away.


Useful accessories:
The only tools really required are fingers, though for certain techniques the following can be helpful: Turpentine substitute, alcohol or linseed oil, scratching tool, e.g. a small knife, fork or nail file, wet wipes for cleaning hands, a small brush for detail work, cotton buds, an old piece of cloth and kitchen towel for smudging, brush for dissolving, sharpener or knife for sharpening.


STAEDTLER® 2420-油畫棒套裝




  • 色彩艷麗、色彩豐富的防水油畫棒
  • 幾乎適用於所有光滑表面和廣泛的塗裝技術
  • 直徑約11 毫米 , 包裝紙保持雙手清潔
  • AP ASTM-D 4236 認證。選材關注健康問題。




雖然油畫棒並不適合詳細的工作。不過,蠟筆可以磨​​尖一點(建議提前放入冰箱冷藏一段時間)。 另一種選擇是採用所需的顏色並將其塗於膠卡片上,使用蘸有溶劑的刷子將其部分溶解,然後用刷子繪製你想的細節。


油畫顏料畫面: 油畫棒是一種用途廣泛的媒介,可以粘附在各種表面上,例如紙張、紙板、帆布、木材、石頭,甚至玻璃和塑料等光滑表面。

油畫棒的存放: 油畫棒不是特別敏感,但建議用透明蓋板保護藝術品或立即將其框在玻璃下。

有用的配件: 唯一真正需要的工具是手指,但對於某些技術,以下可能會有所幫助:松節油替代品、酒精或亞麻油、刮擦工具,例如小刀、叉子或指甲銼、清潔手用的濕紙巾、細部工作用的小刷子、棉籤、一塊舊佈和用於塗抹的廚房毛巾、溶解油畫棒用的刷子、磨刀器或磨刀器。

STAEDTLER® 2420 Oil pastel Set 施德樓油粉彩套裝

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