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Founded in the basement of Dee Silver’s home 1990, Silver Brush Limited has grown from humble beginnings to a global brand focused on one mission – providing artists with the perfect tool to express their vision.


Golden Natural® brushes duplicate the needle sharp points and fine chisel edges of the best red sable. This exclusive blend of natural hair and golden taklon are set in a seamless nickel-plated brass ferrule and bonded to hardwood handles with a lacquered maple stain color. Loved by illustrators for their excellent controllability. 

Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor | Short Handle
Quality   ​​♦​♦​♦​♦​♦​
Stiffness   ​​♦​♦​♢♢♢


2002S Shader - Sharp edges, great for landscapes, petals, and leaves or city scapes

see photo


Check out each series usage from below link with demonstration video/ 從下面的鏈接中查看每個系列的用法和產品使用視頻:


Silver Brush Limited 成立於 1990 在Dee Silver 家的地下室,從一個不起眼的起點發展成為一個專注於一個使命的全球品牌——為藝術家提供完美的工具來表達他們的畫志。


Golden Natural® 這種天然毛髮和金色 taklon 纖維的獨特混合,提供了近似紅貂鼠毛的吸水性以及纖維毛的柔彈性, 並鑲嵌在無縫鍍鎳黃銅套圈中,加上塗有楓木色漆的硬木手柄粘合在一起。 十分受到插畫家的喜愛。


2002S 平頭 - 鋒利的邊緣,非常適合風景、花瓣、樹葉或城市景觀


適用於: 油畫、丙烯和水彩 | 短柄

質量 ​​♦​♦​♦​♦​♦​
回彈度 ​​♦​♦​♢♢♢



Silver Brush-2002S Golden Natural®-Shader tip 平筆頭

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