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Good choice for your kids as this color set provokes your kids' creativity. 


  • Bright vivid color, smoothy writting.
  • Super watersoluble and color mixing.
  • Creative formula for dry and wet kinds of presentation. There are more drawing methods you can check from our photos.
  • Non tonic can use directly on skin for skin painting.
  • With 12,24, 36 colours set
  • CE, CP certificates

激發小朋友的無限創意, 一盒顏色, 多種不同畫法!

  • 採用有認證的進口原料, 安全無毒.適合小朋友使用.
  • 色彩鮮艷, 筆感順滑, 易於小朋友作大面積塗畫.
  • 水溶效果好, 可在濕紙上作畫. 並可混色, 畫出水彩效果.
  • 可直接畫在手上作畫. 作身體彩繪.
  • 可参看附圖看看不同的作畫方法.

Silky Crayon Series 水溶性炫彩棒

SKU: C8008-S52-36
  • other than Crayon , you can use it as water color to show the mix effect in one drawing.

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