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In 1975, we developed and introduced watercolor paints for professional artists. Since then, we have continued to explore, research, and use innovative thinking when harmonizing new technologies with traditions. We achieve superb colors for artists by boldly applying science-based breakthroughs in securing light resistance that preserves works for many years. ShinHan Art watercolor paint brands include the very best in extra fine, professional and student grade products. Therefore, according to level of experience and expertise, you can always choose the best watercolors among our paints.


PWC, Extra Fine Watercolor

We remind ourselves of our founding philosophy to create an ideal harmony between the artist and the material. We believe the inspiration and excitement from seeing a finished artwork should be experienced indefinitely with brilliant, long lasting colors. This is the reason we offer PWC, Extra Fine Watercolor paints, which has the highest degree of lightfastness. Using only the finest pigments from around the world, we produce PWC with 104 colors boasting permanent lightfastness and optimum density per area.

This Artists Watercolour is also crafted with the finest high-grade gum Arabic. To enhance the clarity and depth of colour, single-pigments are used whenever possible and the usage of mixed pigments has been limited.

Based on the Munsell system, Natural Colour System (NCS) and the Ostwald System, these 84 colours are sophisticated and highly regarded for their permanence. The use of single-pigments means that the watercolours are less prone to fading and the consistency of colours are improved. The ShinHan palette offers colours that are transparent and subtle, yet intense and vibrant, allowing for an even greater freedom of expression.

Made with the help of optical science guarantees that they maintain excellent brightness with the best refractivity. ShinHan water colours are AP health labelled and comply fully with the ASTM-4236 standards. They are highly recommended and are very competitively priced.

ShinHan Artists Watercolours are ideal for spread techniques and colour overlapping, bringing out the best in watercolour paper.


ShinHan PWC, Extra Fine Water Color Set  (15ml) 

- 104 Pure and exuberant colors

- Carefully selected finest pigments

- High quality Gum arabic vehicle

- Maximum degree of transparency

- Excellent lightfastness



Color chart

Experience the wide color spectrum of PWC. Check out each color series, color number, lightfastness, transparency, staining, and granulation information on our PWC Color Chart. Swatch 104 paint dots in graded washes to examine the characteristics of each color.

Use of the finest pigments

PWC Extra Fine Watercolor is produced using pigments of the highest quality from around the world to ensure superb levels of transparency and lightfastness for each extra fine color. All 104 colors of this line boast excellent transparency and ensure a perfect color balance.


Broad and flexible color mixing range

Our experts have improved the accuracy of mixing colors through continuous research and testing on pigment density and arrangement for each color. As a result, our innovations allow users to respond flexibly to color changes when blending and ensure clarity for beautiful results.


Color adjustment in consideration of the refractive index

All colors we see are produced by reflected light. The clarity and transparency of perceived colors vary depending on the refractive index of the material in question. For PWC, Extra Fine Watercolor, the pigment density and medium content were optimized by factoring in these refractive light index results. This is how outstanding color development is achieved with our extra fine paints in virtually any environment.


Set Option:

- 6 Colors Set Tint A

- 6 Colors Set Tint B

- 6 Colors Set A

- 6 Colors Set B

- 24 Colors Set

- 32 Colors Set


Learn More:

ShinHan PWC, Extra Fine Water Color Set (15ml) ShinHan PWC 超細水彩顏料 (15ml)

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